Thursday, November 20, 2008

"This is one complicated mess."

I flipped on CNN just now and heard the reporter finishing her story with that line, "This is one complicated mess.  The next president will certainly have his hands full."

I was wondering, yeah it sure is.  I mean, gosh, there is certainly no easy solution to this mess... you know, none of the options are really that good.

Then I thought a few minutes as Wolf Blitzer mumbled something about Guantanamo Bay and how Obama is reaffirming his promise to close Gitmo.  Then Jay Carney started talking about the increasing number of people without health insurance, now at 47 million and sure to rise in a recession.      CNN reporters were saying that despite our multi-lateral talks, Iran has enough uranium to make a nuclear bomb and Israel is getting nervous. I switched over to CNBC to find out the stock market has dropped another 12% in just the last two days, and the guest pundit was saying that unemployment will be at a 25-year high very soon.  The banks are imploding, the auto makers want a hand-out, the polar ice caps are melting, the White Sox have no long relievers... where are the solutions!

Exactly what mess are they talking about?  What with all the noise and emotion, I didn't quite get which mess they were talking about.

So I switch over to Fox News to get the low down by the rational conservative cognoscienti.  And I hear Michelle Malkin bemoaning gay marriage advocates and the terrible burden it will place on the website.  The horror!

Thank you Ms. Malkin for realigning the national priorities.

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