Monday, December 01, 2008

Military-industrial complex controls the media

Nobody has written more eloquently and substantively than Glenn Greeenwald on the issue of retired generals and their conflicts of interest.  I have referenced a silimilar story last April and now we again have information, this time of General Barry McCaffrey's (shown at right) undisclosed interests while he touts Pentagon programs on network news shows.

If you read one thing today, read this article and the associated links, especially the NY Times article.

Brian Williams, NBC and the parent company General Electric-- one of the elite members of the military-industrial complex-- need to disclose the various business interests of their "advisers."


Eric said...

you linked the same thing 3 times, I suspect you didn't intend to do that, since it was implied that there was New information.

Tony said...

Thanks. I fixed it.

Anonymous said...

So, what makes you think that our military heads are nothing more than just another politician? So disgusted with our government at present that it makes me ill. From Bush and Cheney on down, it is all bottom line to them. We, the tax paying and law abiding citizens mean absolute zero to them all.