Friday, January 09, 2009

46 million people cannot be wrong. Right?

File this under "beating a dead horse" if you like, but this video is the most surreal thing I have ever seen. Remember that it is put out by an organization that is sympathetic to Sarah Palin and is attempting to portray her in a positive light.

And remember that 46 million people voted for her... for Vice-President of the United States... to serve with a 72 year-old cancer survivor as President. I know idiots like Sarah Palin exist, heck I see them every day, but my question is how-- why-- can she garner so much support. Can someone PLEASE explain her appeal to me?? Seriously.

Let's go to the video [not embeddable for some reason].

1. "Anonymous bloggers" also known as "they" spread rumors that Trig was not her baby. The horrors. My advice: get over it. "They" will always spread rumors about all kinds of things, such as someone being a Muslim who is not, or someone "palling around with terrorists"; if you're the prez, you ignore 'em babe. If you want a job where you're hermetically sealed from moronic criticism from "anonymous bloggers", then clean hotels rooms at the local Knight's Inn.

2. The "campaign", ie, her handlers and assistants, who are the "upper eschalon of powerbrokerin' and media", or the "they", forced her to do the Katie Couric interview against her better judgement. I can imagine going out to the family of a patient and saying, "Ya know, I didn't want to make that incision into your wife's and mother's aorta, and I knew it was the wrong thing to do also, but ya know how those silly scrub techs and nurses in the OR are, and gosh it just happened. The funeral home will be picking her up at 2 pm." Idiot.

3. It's really too painful to continue a critique of this video. While I'm heartened that Obama is president, it's very disheartening to think that 46 million people have such utter disregard for the job of president, or have such profound trust in someone merely because they believe Jesus rose from the dead, or want to overturn Roe v Wade, or want lower taxes or any other other convoluted rationale for voting for a moron. It's scary... but then again that is how George W. Bush got elected-- twice.

When someone asks why Sarah Palin just won't go away, the answer is that 46 million people voted for her. Unfortunately, she's here to stay.   I think that all 46 million should be forced to watch this interview on an endless loop for the next four years.  Also.

Here's Olbermann's priceless take:

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