Thursday, October 22, 2009

Links to Drink By

Grab a beer... here's what I've been reading and watching:

If you see a dollar in the street, kill it.

All the lovely medical experts amongst us.

Look who says the Oath Keepers are *right*

Alan Grayson is the new star of the progressive left. Here's why. (discussion regards ACORN).

I suppose any job can put you to sleep.

The biggest f*&king reason to watch the World Series.

Frontline episode on the "dark market" (when you have an hour to spare)


Eric said...

That Grayson was classic.

Hardball was talking about what a great case t-boon was making for the oil to be the property of the families of the dead. But I'd include the iraqi dead.

Frontline: Greenspan.... what a douch! If your fundamental understanding of how the world works is wrong. Doesn't that mean you head is firmly up your ass, and you should never talk again. Fucking Zellots!

Tony said...

yeah, I'm going to find the Greenspan/ Waxman clip and put that up. It's an indictment of the entire Ayn Rand idiocy that lasted two generations.