Thursday, December 31, 2009

Dick Cheney: dumber than Bush

At least Bush has the common sense to STFU*. The recent terrorist attempt by the briefs bomber has brought out all the whackos--- with Dick Cheney leading the way. Of course, Michigan's very own Pete Hoekstra has been in rare form as well.

Personally I kinda like that Barack Obama didn't go off on a tirade about the flub up by the State Dept, or the CIA or whoever screwed up. The nature of law enforcement is that it entails a bureaucracy, and these large bureaucracies, while necessary, are inherently inefficient and problematic.

As has been said multiple times over the last eight years, the terrorists only have to be right once, but we have to be right every single time. What is lost in the current discussion is that several attempts have been thwarted the past few months. It's a scary world, and leave it to the Republicans to wet their pants at every provocation.

Anyway, Maddow has a terrific review of the insanity:

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(*Altho I still maintain that the former president is suffering from a medical form of dementia that will be announced within the next couple years.)


Kris said...

I get so tired of the finger pointing. The fact that concerns me is that this person was allowed on a flight after his father contacted the CIA and told them that he was a threat. I think that is enough to put a asterisk by your name in the computer. Does Rachel have nothing critical to say about this watch-list other than the fact that it was created by Bush? Really? This man was able to board the flight after paying cash for a one-way ticket and he had no luggage.

Tony said...

Well, sure, there are several things that should concern all of us about the latest security breach, nobody is denying that.

The point is that the details of what actually happened need to be evaluated before judgement is passed.

The surreal thing about this instance is that a guy like Cheney can appear within 5 days with perhaps the most vitriolic tirade I have ever heard concerning an event about which he knows nothing, when his administration oversaw the most deadly attack on US soil in over 50 years.

Is he rooting for a disaster?

Terror security should be non-partisan. I don't remember high level officials from previous administrations coming out on 9-12-01 pointing fingers and stirring up fear and saying "I told you so" (even tho, IMO, they would have been more justified than Cheney is).

Some day perhaps the American people will see the Bush administration as the self-serving demagogic entity that it is.

Anonymous said...
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antipundit said...

I disagree - they aren't wetting their own pants; they're trying to piss on ours!

Also, the point is well-made that (1) we don't hear about the successes - such is this type of law-enforcement/intelligence work, and (2) the snafu'd nature of Homeland Security, and the possibility of significant numbers of Cheney acolytes burrowed in make a full diagnosis of the causative factors w/in the intelligence apparatus difficult.