Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Questions without answers...

Why do pro-lifers want to outlaw abortion instead of going about it properly: grant fundamental person-hood rights to fetuses?

Why do we go through cap-and-trade bullshit instead of just taxing fossil fuels at the consumer level?

Why didn't we insist on formal declarations of war in Iraq and Afghanistan? Why don't we now?

Why don't the opponents of health care reform move to rescind EMTALA if they really believe in the "free market" for health care?

Why do deficit hawks wail about deficits but never are able to come up with substantive budget cuts when asked? (Cut the Dept of Education! >> 0.0001% of federal budget.)

Corollary: Why do Republicans forget that Medicare Part D, the Iraq War, the 2001 Tax Cuts, the Wall Street/GM bailouts of 2008, were all unpaid hits to the Treasury, passed with GOP support, that amounted to approximately $1 Trillion each? Yet they insist that health insurance reform is deficit neutral?

Are the Middle East terrorists really following Islam, or is there a more fundamental political motive? If it's the latter, then isn't it counter-productive to vilify an entire religion with the appellation "Islamic Terror"? If it's the former, then we have 1.1 billion people to "conquer."

Corollary 1: If there is a more fundamental political motive, what on earth could it be? Hmmmm.

Corollary 2: Do we really think that $2.67 per gallon of gasoline covers all the external costs of securing oil? Terror and Spills?

Doesn't Rand Paul's "principled libertarianism", while coherent philosophically, just show how irrelevant and impractical libertarianism truly is, and always has been?

Which adult foster care home would Glenn Beck be living in if not for modern psycho-pharmacology?

Aren't farm subsidies a ridiculous waste of money?

Do people really believe that inner-city kids in 100-year-old schools, with social unrest, inferior books, and no computers, have an equal educational experience compared to suburban kids?

Is it really that surprising that significant numbers of Americans believe 1) in UFO's, 2) evolution is false, 3) Obama was born in Africa, 4) Elvis lives in Kalamazoo, 5) the sun revolves around the earth, 6) are unsure from which nation the US declared independence in 1776?

What do you think the odds are that Katie Couric or Charlie Gibson will present a negative story about the pharmaceutical industry on network news when 2/3 of their ads are for drugs?

Are taxes too high? Are they any higher than 20 or 30 years ago?

Republicans' official party platform calls for outlawing abortion in all instances, including cases of rape and incest; so why did their presidential candidate John McCain support provision for abortion in cases of rape and incest? Doesn't he believe that rapists' offspring have a "right to life"?

Corollary: With medical abortifacients and accessible safe aspiration technology, do abortion foes truly think they can successfully limit women's rights over their own biology?

Isn't it odd that we honored the Israelis claim to the Holy Land after 1200 years as diaspora, and it had been only 60 years from the time we officially stole the Native Americans' homeland?

What do opponents of immigration reform pose we do with 11 million undocumented aliens who have been in the US for 10 or 20 years, who pay taxes, whose kids have grown up here, whose sons and daughters are fighting in our wars?

Isn't Ann Coulter really liberal, or at least politically ambivalent, who has created a phenomenally marketable shtick based on the innate fear/anger limbic reflex that she knows the right-wing mouth-breathers will buy, and buy, and buy and buy and buy and buy? While at the same time showing moderates how completely silly and over-the-top right-wing arguments really are (watch after 4:00 on the video)?

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