Saturday, July 24, 2010

Anatomy of a Breitbart Con

"Breitbart is a con artist, but con artists succeed if consumers don’t know they are being conned – or don’t care."

When "journalists" report, we all need to be skeptical-- especially when they report about the Obama Administration-- lest we be taken in by the canards of a con man. The most recent scam is a textbook con job with all the elements designed to stir up divisiveness based on fear and loathing. It's sad, really.

The opinion piece of the Sherrod/Breitbart scandal that I wish I had written: In place of any screed I could scribble, PZ has penned the perfect post.

Meanwhile, there has been real racism at the USDA, that's the irony... but that's another story.


Kris said...

It is interesting that the focus of this story isn't squarely on the White House. Their knee-jerk response to a report in the media without any investigation is poor. I am waiting for the video of Shirley, in the garden, having a beer with the president.

Tony said...

The haters are indeed focusing on "yet another misstep by the inexperienced squatter in the White House" and the lefties are incensed, wondering where is the revolution they voted for. All of that's predictable.

And the Administration was sure to close ranks and have Vilsack take full responsibility for the firing, even to the point of re-iterating his mea culpa the following day. Such is DC I suppose.

I think Sherrod will need to find satisfaction in the personal phone call from the president and the national celebrity for being the only sentient actor in the drama, but it's always hilarious to have one more chuckle over that beer garden rapprochement, no?