Friday, September 03, 2010

Former Bush Aide Continues the Legacy of Lies

Mark McKinnon worked for the Bush White House and has been praised as one of the few lucid Republicans remaining merely because he hasn't called President Obama a Kenyan Socialist Muslim. Okay, the bar is set pretty low these days. McKinnon's recent op-ed, however, betrays a certain pathology whereby he misremembers a whole host of facts about his boss' tenure. As I read this piece I formulated several arguments, but then Keith Olbermann addressed it on his show and covered all the salient points.

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Yes, Olbermann can be over the top at times, but in this case he's spot on and his facts are accurate. Apparently, Bush's cadre of advisers will attempt to re-write the history of "the greatest Republican president of the 21st century." Possibly McKinnon was merely trying to be gracious in praising both Obama and Bush at this milestone of combat forces being drawn down in Iraq, but if so, why lie about the facts?

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