Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Scrubbing the stink off Bush's Legacy

Former Bush administration official, Nicole Wallace, discusses the lack of WMD in Iraq. She thinks the whole world is as clueless as Lawrence O'Donnell who allows her to spew a boatlaod of lies. Entire video is here. The pertinent 30 second clip:

But EVERYone wanted to go to oust Saddam Hussein, so how can we blame our President for making a greivous error?

Unfortunately, Gerhard Schroeder, former German chancellor, says "Bush is not telling the truth."

Germany did not support the invasion of Iraq and did not furnish military personnel or materiel. Furthermore, "the invasion was strongly opposed by US allies including Canada, Germany, France and New Zealand...", and according to an Australian Senator who served in the Prime Minister's cabinet in 2002: "The debacle that ensued in Iraq has made the vital campaign in Afghanistan more protracted and more difficult." Australia entered the Iraq war only reluctantly.

And Russia!!??? Who ever knows what Russia actually supports, but I would doubt they are looking after the best interests of the USA, a notion that is absurd for Nicole Wallace to imply. In fact, reports came out after the Iraq invasion that Russia had divulged our war plans to Saddam Hussein: "Word of Russian-Iraqi collaboration came as part of an analysis by U.S. Joint Forces Command..."

As former Bush staffers hit the airwaves to rehabilitate the legacy of their administration, the stories will be nuts. Unfortunately, the sleepy pundit class fail to keep them honest.

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