Friday, January 21, 2011

"I never really thought about it..."

There are answers to these questions, but it is amazing that anyone could be so active in such a movement and never have even thought about it. WTF. Or perhaps they have thought about, and have an opinion as to what the punishment should be, but simply don't want to discuss it on camera. That argument does not compute; you would think that they would take the opportunity to expound on how they are going to solve this dilemma once and for all.


Anonymous said...

Good point. Much like on Leila's blog where you differentiated "moral issue" versus "criminalization."

Of course, they will regroup & answer "If you live your life just as we true Catholics do, none of these discussions would be necessary."

Maybe you can ask Leila why 'location' is an issue in regards to the woman's punishment? If she has a baby & murders it, she should go to jail. But if she aborts a baby, she should just seek therapy because she's already going to hell anyway?

Alright - take care. I won't bug you any more. Have fun with this topic!

Hilary said...

Interesting how it seems, to me at least, that some of those questioned seem to initially swallow back something. My experience in coming face-to-face with demonstrators like them is that maybe their idea of a penalty isn't quite in line with their message of peace and compassion. I wouldn't assume their understanding of the legal system to be very sophisticated.

antipundit said...

Definitely WTF. But, par for the course (or 'coarse'). Too busy watching "OW! MY BALLS!".

Leila @ Little Catholic Bubble said...

{rolls eyes}

Tony, if abortion were criminalized, the abortionists would be the ones legally charged. That's not so hard to understand, right?

Pro-lifers believe that women are victims of abortions, too.

Now, you never did answer the questions asked of you, and I really wish you'd go back and tackle those. Also, I had hoped you would comment on my "gibberish" post, since you inspired it.

Thanks and I miss you!

Leila @ Little Catholic Bubble said...

Speaking of, "I never really thought about it", this comment I just received was compelling so I thought I'd bring it here to you and your readers, to see if they will take up the challenge. She is referring to a video linked here:

Why is it when the truth of abortion is shown, the "pro-choice" commenters are mute? What defense is left when the mystery of abortion is revealed as the horror that it is? When the politically correct words of "terminating a pregnancy", "emptying your uterus", or "solving a problem" are stripped of their lies and we are left with what abortion really is: the death of a preborn child.

How dare someone be pro-abortion and not even watch the video because it is too difficult for them? How dare they promote a procedure that they themselves cannot even stomach to witness? How dare they push their agenda and support laws when they are too chicken to watch and COMMENT and DEFEND what the "procedure" is all about? Where are their voices now when the veil of lies is ripped away? Or perhaps they are still hiding behind more words and more thoughts and more opinions about why this is a horrible "procedure" but every women ought to have this right? At what point do the pro-abortionists tire of their own opinions and defense of something that is utterly defenseless?

Tony, can you watch the entire video and then defend what you see? You are pro-choice, right? Did you watch the video and see the "choice" you defend? Please, please, I beg you to watch it. All four minutes. And then tell me what you saw.