Monday, May 09, 2011

Pitzer College in California Adds Major in Secularism

From the NYT:

Starting this fall, Pitzer College, a small liberal arts institution in Southern California, will inaugurate a department of secular studies. Professors from other departments, including history, philosophy, religion, science and sociology, will teach courses like “God, Darwin and Design in America,” “Anxiety in the Age of Reason” and “Bible as Literature.”

When I was at the University of Chicago, we called this curriculum "Liberal Arts", otherwise known as "How to think", but maybe the concept is due for a new name and a new approach.

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antipundit said...

Yup. Dangerous stuff to be teaching young folk in these times. Why, they might even begin to think critically and look to gather real data about the world around them. That won't do for the Kochs, et al.