Monday, January 16, 2012

Gingrich's anti-Romney ad

So much for Reagan's eleventh commandment.

When the GOP puts up guys like this, the Democrats don't really need to field much of a team to beat them. When the Republicans present such a dismal slate of contenders, the Democrats hardly have to get out of bed. In 2004, with the country at war and the economy doing okay, the Democrats put up two sitting Senators to run against George W. Bush, to provide a contrast to Bush's leadership. Now, it seems as though the Republicans have given up, none of their leaders are interested in entering the conversation about where we should go from here. They seem to be traingulating to keep out of the line of fire from the Tea Party or the more strident religious fundamentalists, always angling just to keep their power base.

This is why Obama doesn't need to respect civil liberties or be even close to fiscally responsible-- there is is no other choice. Who else are you going to vote for, Gingrich? Romney?  Huntsman, arguably the most sane candidate of the GOP lot, is now gone and supporting someone who, just last week, he said was unqualified to be president, and Huntsman flushes all his criticism down the memory hole.

This is a two party system, we need both parties to pay attention. We need a loyal opposition, instead we get 'vulture capitalists', psychopaths and sons of billionaires.

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