Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Of Course She Was Covert...

We had to endure all the BS from Bush apologists stating that Valerie Plame was merely a desk jockey for the CIA, driving to work in Virginia with a barely a security clearance. They were not just mistaken-- they were lying.

Most of us knew this was all crap, otherwise US Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald would not have pursued the charges of disclosing her status. The only question was who had outed the CIA agent. George W. Bush promised that “if a crime had been committed, that person would not be working in my administration.” Instead of calling the principals in for a heart-to-heart about the national security implications, what did Bush do?

He did what he always does. Bush dithered.

He allowed Libby and Richard Armitage to continue to work on sensitive issues, with top secret clearance, knowing full well laws had been broken. Bush waited for the full course of the legal system to come to bear and --more importantly-- the election of 2004 to pass.

Who knows or cares if Bush will eventually pardon Libby. That would be the least of the abominations committed by this vile administration.

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