Saturday, March 01, 2008

This Nation Needs to Heal (not Heel)

This nation needs to heal. Barack Obama’s message.

Respect is due both Hillary Clinton and John McCain, but the juggernaut of President Obama will not be deterred. The message is clear. Division and triangulation, even under the guise of policy nuance, have no place in the election of 2008.

Fear is everywhere. Fear of recession, fear of inexperience, fear of terror, fear or banking crises, fear that Obama is merely a “cult of personality.” It’s time to put aside the fears and get to work.

I’m not a fan of hope. The Buddha famously said, "Fear and hope chase each other's tail." Oftentimes, a call for hope is either a fatuous rhetorical flourish or a cynical and counterproductive cop-out. It’s not time for hope—it’s time to get back to work to make this nation healthy.

Make a stand. You are either with us or with the terrorists: the terrorists who have instilled fear into a nation. These terrorists have stolen our government, spied on us, waged an illegal war in our names, tortured people and killed civilians with our weapons, transferred wealth to our enemies and willfully devalued our currency. They have damaged our country by destroying our diplomatic relationships, destroying our economy and destroying our spirit.

It’s time to stand up and be counted. We can. Obama is not the movement, but just one member of the movement. It’s about you. This nation needs to heal. This nation needs to re-discover what it’s like to be healthy, to be productive, to contribute.

There's been a lot of damage, so roll up your sleeves.

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Delilah said...

So I am going to cast my Texas vote for Barack tomorrow morning and I'll caucus for him tomorrow night. Interestingly, the wind seems to be at Clinton's back right now. I think she's going to win Ohio and she has a chance to hold Texas too. The polls here show a very tight race. Whomever ends up being the Democratic nominee, I will vote for in November. (I just can't vote for McWar and his promise of 100 years of war, not to mention his blithe admission that he knows nothing about the economy. That's not a combination I am looking for in my president.) But in the meanwhile, as the Democratic race shows no sign of ending decisively tomorrow night, I am entirely unthrilled about the notion of a nasty, drawn out and divisive race.