Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Bachmann brings the stupid

Michele Bachmann from Minnesota uses her 5 minutes to jam in as much evidence as possible to show why she should not be in Congress, let alone on the Financial Services Committee.  To wit, Rep. Bachmann:

1. Does not understand the legislative process regarding legislative authority granted to the Treasury.

2. Does not know that the provision for the Federal Reserve was in the 20th century and not "the Constitution."

3. Needs the issue of "financial stigma" explained to her (remember, she sits on the financial services committee).

4. Needs an explanation regarding the authority of the Treasury to close banks versus insurance companies (remember again, she sits on the financial services committee).

6. Claims ignorance of the committee rules regarding time alottment provisions.

That averages out to more than one shit-for-brains idiotic comment per minute-- makes Maxine Waters look like a piker.

But I do like the stylish Sarah Palin/librarian glasses.  Nice touch.

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