Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Kudlow and Dick Cheney

Larry Kudlow rifled through his closet for his favorite 1970's tie to wear while interviewing his friend from the Nixon administration.  Just like old times...

I've seen more of Dick Cheney the past three weeks than for all of the eight years that he was ruining our econonmy and re-writing our Constitution.  The man was busy.  I suppose he has more time now to re-cap the clusterfuck with his old buddies.

Shorter version: 

Cheney: "You know, Larry, we pretty much squeezed as many nickels out of the working people of this country as we possibly could-- what with the war contracting and fear-mongering and Medicare Part D and farm subsidies-- and yeah it's a shame that we couldn't get more TARP money, but, well, we just plain ran out of time.  Oh and when the whole thing implodes... not only will my family be all be safe and financially sound... but the best part is we can blame it all on the black guy."

Kudlow: "Genius, Mr. Vice-President, pure genius."

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