Monday, May 18, 2009

Stephen Baldwin brings the stupid

"When you're dealing with serious pro-lifers, there's no grey matter here..."  Okay, I know what he meant, but it's hilarious from a freudian standpoint.  

And speaking of no grey matter... Steve Doocey doesn't disappoint either. Doocey misrepresents the latest Gallup poll on abortion, saying that "There are more that say 'abortion bad' than the alternative."  According to the poll: while the the number who identify as "pro-life" has increased from 44% to 51%, there are still 76% who feel that abortion should be allowed in certain circumstances.  Seventy-six percent !!  

Using moron language like "abortion bad" fits the show.  Yes, abortion is a sub-optimal outcome--nobody would disagree-- but let's be careful about the interpretation of the data.

The video is great:

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