Monday, June 29, 2009

BIlly Mays' final pitch [UPDATE]

I can almost hear it...

"Billy Mays here for the CT scan! If you hit your head and it keeps on achin', get a CT scan! Mental status changes are no problem for the CT scan. It scans, it pans, it looks in your melon. Focal neurologic deficits? Lethargy? Check out your noggin after the floggin'... suitcases, hammer punches, baseballs... don't take a chance, just ask to be radiated. Look for midline deviation, hematomas and tumors...with the CT scan. Take it from me, Billy Mays!"

Sad, really, because this was likely a treatable cause of death in a young man.

At left, a subdural hematoma.

UPDATE June 30th:

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