Wednesday, July 01, 2009

GOP unraveling over Palin article

When the Vanity Fair article debauching (yet again) Sarah Palin was publicized I was not at all interested. The reports were that the author, while highly regarded, relied on "unnamed" officials form the McCain-Palin camp to put forth a bunch of meaningless gossip about how Sarah Palin ruined McCain's chances of becoming president.

My opinion about John McCain was made long before Sarah Palin came on the scene, and her politics are so far afield from what is needed in the world today that any furhter re-hash of last fall's nightmare would be pointless. Besides, such tabloid journalism is likely only to give Palin's followers more material to support her martyrdom.

But an interesting thing is happening. Two of the three wings of the Republican party are lashing out at each other over the alleged sources from the Vanity Fair piece with finger-pointing and name calling, even to the point of mentioning Dan Quayle! McCain campaign chairman Steve Schmidt is taking offense at comments made by warmonger Bill Kristol about the piece. Listen, when Dan Quayle's name is ever uttered by a fellow Republican, it cannot be good for the party. Cue Keyboard Cat.

I'm not going to venture into worry-troll mode about what's good or bad for the Republican party, but's let's just say this is starting to get interesting.

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