Friday, July 24, 2009

The Implosion of the Right Wing

G. Gordon Liddy needs to be fitted for a tinfoil hat.

I realize there are folks who are convinced Man never walked on the moon, "world govt" is run by a cabal of 50 people, Clinton killed Vince Foster and raped half of Arkansas, the Cubs will someday win a World Series...

... and now G. Gordon Liddy, war criminal and convicted felon, believes there's an affadavit signed by Obama's Kenyan step-grandmother which "proves" he's Kenyan? Ri-i-i-ight! And where could that affadavit be, Mr. Liddy? And he gives this fictional affadavit more credence than he does the Republican Governor of Hawaii, the state medical dirctor, an official Certificate of Birth (he keeps saying "well, it says certificate of live birth and not birth certificate"... WTF?) and a newspaper birth announcement from 1961.

Carter never should have commuted this nutjob's 20 year felony sentence in the 1970's. That's what prisons are for: to keep the criminally insane out of circulation.

Neither will Liz Cheney denounce the birther idiocy... she wants to "look forward", which is code for "I need these nutjobs to vote for me in my 2012 House or Senate race."

Oh well, the GOP lasted 150 years which is all anybody could reasonably ask of a political party. I'm sure Honest Abe is beaming with pride over the intellectual devolution of his party.

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