Saturday, November 07, 2009

Stewart channels Beck

Perfect! Jon Stewart in a tour de force performance captures the essence of Glenn Beck's cognitive dissonance and narcissism. The nations's court jester has been knocking on the door of perfection for quite a while, and now he has made it through. Unless you watch the Beckmeister the value of this skit may be lost, but the only thing missing was the red phone. Whoever said that comedic material would be lacking after Bush left the White House never watched Fox News.


Marie said...

"Perfect" says it all!! What a brilliant piece of comedy that was.

I can rarely bring myself to watch even a millisecond of Glen Beck. I will occasionally if I've committed a mortal sin that requires severe penance. Like acting like a bureaucrat. ;)

Whenever he is being especially Beck-ish, take perverse pleasure in remembering he had excruciating rectal surgery last year. It is a small comfort.

Great blog, Tony!

(BTW, I do not reveal my personal blog in my writing on Dr. Kevin's website because I suspect it might reduce my credibility somewhat. But please feel free to drop by. It might give you a different perspective. :) )

Tony said...

Thanks for stopping by, Marie. Sure, the health care "wars" will find brother and sister on different sides, for sure. It's important not to take it personally and we all have to realize that we each mean well and want the best.

Except Beck. He needs to be gone. LOL.

I'll stop by your site.