Thursday, January 14, 2010

Beck + Palin = OMFG!

Now this really is a whole lotta stupid. If you have ever considered either of these two nimrods insightful, if you have ever considered voting for either one for a public office, if you have the least bit of interest in the what the "conservative" movement has become...

... then watch this video of perhaps the most inane 13 minutes I've ever seen on television.

Here are my thoughts as I was watching.

1. Okay, okay, Glenn tries to disarm critics in the first few minutes by predicting "they're going to call us stupid." Nice try, moron.

2. McCain, the evil progressive, was for TARP bailouts. Wait a minute! I distinctly remember both of these yahoos were for the TARP bailouts, too!

3. Alaska made "adjustments" for the oil companies? Wait a minute! Those are taxes, ie, re-distribution of oil wealth to the people! Socialists!

4. How the hell is health insurance reform a violation of the 10th Amendment? Did she go to the John Yoo School of Constitutional law?

Sure enough, Media Matters has great documentation to corroborate my memory. This is a real problem for the Republican party and for the conservative movement since only the most irrational voters could find such inaccurate pabulum the least bit palatable.

Then try to harken back to the days when conservatives had an intellectual foundation, when Bill Buckley roamed the airwaves and sought out liberals with whom to cross swords on broad ranging topics. Today's conservatives would rather laze about in a beach house smirking to each other about the Statue of Liberty and misinterpreting the 10th Amendment.

Buckley, whether you agreed with him or not, bravely tilted into the breach:

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