Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Nine minutes of stupid*

"Barack Obama means anti-Christ. It says so in the Bible."

"We don't need no czars. Jesus is our king."

Granted, this is a bit gratuitous, but when I see videos like this I begin to wonder what the point of this nation is. To give snake oil salesman like Glenn Beck a loony middle class to buy his books and watch his show? If these limbic brained nitwits were born in any other country but ours, with our limitless resources and social safety nets, they would be spending their days eating mud and their nights hiding from bears in a trees. Reason #894 why we should require the South to secede.

*For the record, I disagree with the interviewer's scoffing at the differences between fascism, socialism and communism... they are all similar in that they are collectivist economic systems of a sort. Also, I don't necessarily agree with the written statement at the end.


Eric said...

Maybe we should just rid ourselves of those three words, if they are all the same.

Anonymous said...
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