Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Better explanation of EMTALA

Previously I talked about instituting truly free market reforms in health care and the fundamental change would be to repeal EMTALA laws. The CATO Institute has an excellent explanation of EMTALA (Emergency Medical Transfer and Active Labor Act) and how it impacts physician and hospital economics.

The discussion on EMTALA begins on page 31 with David Hyman*, MD JD, and although this particular piece is from 2001, the explanation of the law is relevant, and if anything, the impact of EMTALA on health finances is even more pronounced today with more people uninsured and underinsured with each passing year.

Alternatively, one could argue that free markets have no place in the allocation of medical care, in which case we should enact Medicare-for-all and move on.

[Disclosure: David and I lived in the same dorm in college although we have not kept in touch. I remember he was an excellent student... as were we all. Ha.]

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