Friday, February 19, 2010

Medicaid Enrollment Rises Dramatically

... while revenue available to the program decreases.

The recession has fueled the greatest influx of Americans onto Medicaid since the earliest days of the public insurance program for the poor, according to new findings that show caseloads have surged in every state.

More than 3 million people joined Medicaid in the year that ended in June, the data released Thursday show. That pushed enrollment to a record 46.8 million, exacerbating the financial strains on already burdened states and complicating the federal politics of health care...


In the past year or two, many states have responded by reducing the medical services available to Medicaid patients or payments to doctors, hospitals and other providers of health care...

Now, 29 states are considering further reductions or have made them since their current fiscal year began, Thursday's report said.

More under-insured patients, less money available.

It's not so good to be a physician.

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