Thursday, April 15, 2010

Calling Fox News "Propaganda" would be generous

If you are relying on Fox for your news, then you are usurping your responsibility as a citizen. They do not present the "other side", they merely present the crazy side. Yesterday, I commented that Bill O'Reilly's "research" was really just a bushel of bullshit. Now, HuffPo has aggregated the item into one video:

I don't know what's most annoying: O'Reilly's perpetual smirk, Cavuto's faux outrage, fat-fuck Dick Morris' simpering whine, or the fact that Fox has the highest ratings in cable news. This is where a plurality of voters go for their news? We don't deserve a democracy, folks.

Some of us don't necessarily agree with all the policies of the current Congress and President, and we do need a loyal opposition, but when Tom Coburn appears to be the rational one, then we all know that there really is nothing serious on the other side of Obama. We have some serious issues in this nation regarding basic principles of government, entitlements, war, jobs, etc. But when commenters on Fox News cannot even read the fucking health care bill, then what's the point of watching Fox News-- except to confirm your (mistaken) bias?

My recommendation: read the goddam bill, or STFU. It's now the law, it will affect everyone in this country for the rest of our lives, so read it. This is 2010, we have access to all manner of information as never before in our history: pdf's html's, heck you could probably even find an mp3 of someone reading it to you if you look; so there is no excuse for being mislead by Fox News. They are LYING to you. This is not propaganda, this is just bold-face lying. There is an argument against the current health care bill, but Bill O'Reilly certainly isn't making that case. Beck, Cavuto, O'Reilly, and all the other nimrods on Fox are just trying to piss you off; they don't care to have a "debate" about what to do with 46 million uninsured people, they aren't "presenting the other side", they are just appealing to your lizard brain--- don't fall for it.

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