Wednesday, April 21, 2010

National Review takes down Mark Levin

Jim Manzi, in the conservative magazine National Review, finds fault with Mark Levin's opnion on global warming in his bestseller Liberty and Tyranny. Join the club. Over a year a go, I provided a detailed critique of Levin's health care stance.

About Levin's tome,
Manzi states:

It was awful. It was so bad that it was like the proverbial clock that chimes 13 times — not only is it obviously wrong, but it is so wrong that it leads you to question every other piece of information it has ever provided.


There are many reasons to write a book. One view is that a book is just another consumer product, and if people want to buy jalapeno-and-oyster flavored ice cream, then companies will sell it to them. If the point of Liberty and Tyranny was to sell a lot of copies, it was obviously an excellent book. ... But if you’re someone who read this book in order to help you form an honest opinion about global warming, then you were suckered. Liberty and Tyranny does not present a reasoned overview of the global warming debate; it doesn’t even present a reasoned argument for a specific point of view, other than that of willful ignorance.

I went a little further in my more lengthy discussion, but agree that Levin engages in fatally flawed arguments that are designed to serve up red meat to his ideological readers rather than practical solutions.

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