Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Neil Armstrong presents new footage

In an odd circumstance the usually reclusive Neil Armstrong agreed to an interview with, of all groups, the Australian Certified Practicing Accountants.

The video is here and contains actual footage (starting at 2:30) of the moon landing next to a recent Google Moon mock-up. This is presented in part to answer conspiracy enthusiasts who deny the moon landing ever occurred, but it is also a remarkable video in its own right.

The absolute coolest part of the video is that Google Moon shows the remains of the lunar module still in place (at about the 6:30 mark...it's a brief glimpse and goes unmentioned by Armstrong but worth the trouble).

From a write-up in the UK Guardian we learn that Armstrong's father was an auditor which may answer the question why the astronaut gave his exclusive to a CPA group.

Link to the entire hour-long interview video is here

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