Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Magglio Ordonez to retire

At 38 y/o, Magglio Ordonez is set to announce his retirement from the Detroit Tigers. He played his early years roaming right field on Chicago's Southside and was the last legit five-tool player I've seen play. Maggs was the closest thing to Mickey Mantle or Willie Mays that the White Sox had in my lifetime.

Before nagging injuries sidelined him, Ordonez was a force who could run, throw, field, hit and hit for power. He was a consummate ballplayer and a gentleman.

 Paul Konerko gave a classy tribute to his former team mate:
"There’s been a lot of good hitters here, a lot of good defensive players. But he was the best that I played with all-around for that period. Those first few years he was unbelievable. It seemed like he never made a mistake."

Good bye, Maggs, and...thanks.

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