Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Rick Scott, Professional Liar

As I was watching CNBC yesterday, Florida Governor Rick Scott was expounding on his dislike for the Affordable Care Act, which is fine, there are certain elements of the act that are bothersome to me as well. As he continued, however, the charges against the ACA became wilder and more brazen, with no challenge from the journalists, that is, if kool-aid drinkers Joe Kernan and Michelle Caruso-Cabrera could be considered journalists.

CNBC is apparently a fact-free zone, although in the network’s defense they did post a clarification today on their website-- but not on air-- from the Associated Press remarking that Rick Scott “overstated” one claim about the ACA.

Rick Scott, in fact, lied. This was not a mere overstatement, he made numerous specific false claims. Politifact has a detailed piece outlining Scott’s orchestrated attempt to deceive CNBC viewers about the legislation.  

And make no mistake, Rick Scott knows a lot about health care and he knows a lot about health care deception.  He's a pro. In the 1990’s, Scott was forced to resign as CEO and Chairman of the giant hospital conglomerate Columbia/HCA after 19 counts of felony fraud were rendered and fines of over half a billion dollars were paid for cheating Medicare-- yes, Medicare, your grandma and grandpa’s health insurance.  Yet Scott can get on TV with a straight face and expect to be taken seriously.
Of all the millions of qualified people, this is the guy Floridians chose? This is the guy CNBC chose to interview on the ACA?

Scott’s a grifter, found to have overseen the heist of tax dollars by the ton, and, unsurprisingly, he’s still full of shit. How on earth could anyone vote for such a malicious lying prick to be governor? 
Have we as a nation lost our collective mind?

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