Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Does Obama have the balls to fix this country?

Greenwald has a great take-down of Tom Daschle and his beauty queen trophy wife who, it turns out, are the consummate pigs at the trough of corporate money and Washington largesse.  Whore's whores indeed and good riddance to his appointment to Obama's cabinet.  Read it.

President Obama was interviewed by on CBS News and intimated that he realizes he has made mistakes in his first couple weeks and he is taking measures to remedy the shaky start and has the recognition of his missteps and is putting forth the effort... blah, blah, blah...

Here's the deal:  This country is fucked up.  Obama was elected as an agent of change, but it is becoming clear that what we need is an agent of revolution.  The corporate rapists have taken what they could and have left the sarcophagus behind for us to dispose of.   So far Obama has been conciliatory to the Republican dunderheads on his stimulus bill, selected a right-wing bigot for his inauguration invocation, appointed a GOP free-trader to Commerce, put a tax-evader in charge of Treasury and has placed lobbyists to important posts throughout his administration.

Is it worse than the previous administration?  No, not by a long shot.  By this time eight years ago, Bush already had 4 known war criminals in his cabinet, but I digress.

What we need now is a leader who will disavow the failed policies of the guilded elite who have ruined our banking system, promoted wars without just cause and bought our government with blood money.  If Obama had desired to impress me with his quick start, he has failed.  Here are my recommendations:

1.  Nationalize the failed banks... yesterday.  Their stock goes to zero, only senior debt is recognized and the executives give back their bonuses or go to jail.  Banks should operate like utilities anyway.  Why should these idiots make millions to put our capital (now government funds) at risk when they obviously cannot do it without losing the capital?

2. Stimulate the economy by building infrastructure.  The dumbshit business interests and public cannot be trusted to do the right thing with the finances.  We need roads, telecom and energy-saving infrastructure, not more Chryslers on our highways and plasma TV's in our living rooms.  Great quote"It would be irresponsible to chose another policy, which would increase our country's indebtedness without having more infrastructure and increased competitiveness in the end."  Why Obama buckled to GOP pressure on his infrastructure expenditures is beyond me.

3. Kick out all the bums who created this economic mess.  I understand that Geithner may have "experience", but realize that he was in charge when all this shit hit the fan and his office   a) didn't see it coming in the first place and    b) screwed up the TARP after the fact.  The only reason Larry Summers... a smarter, better qualified candidate... isn't Treasury Secretary is because he insulted the tender egoes of feminists... which is a terrible basis on which to pick a general in a war.

The Democrats are at their worst when they emulate their Republican counterparts, and so far that seems to be the manner of governance.  Mr. Obama, don't blink now-- let's take this mutha down.  Band-aids don't cure cancer.

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Eric said...

What will be funny is if JMP and WFC either suck it up and take the drubbing of tarp money... or if they can manage to actually refuse the money...