Friday, February 27, 2009

My second letter to WKZO-AM590

When our local radio station changed its programming last July to include Glenn Beck in the afternoon, I wrote a letter to the program director, Jay.  I decided to write a follow up letter today.  Feel free to do likewise:

Dear Jay, 
I respectfully request that you cancel the syndication of Glenn Beck.  It was fun for a while but come on, enough is enough.  In a recent TV appearance will Bill O'Reilly, Beck said, "I'm full -- I'm full-fledged crazy nuts. You know it, and I know it. So here it is. This is what's coming, America. Depression and revolution. That's what's coming...  Well, wait a minute. Is that a problem? Is it a problem to point out -- wait a minute, is it a problem to point out Bill O'Reilly -- is it a problem. You get no food from me. You come knocking at my bomb shelter? I'm going to say, "Is that Bill O'Reilly? Can't hear you." "

 And I'm sure his drivel on the radio is similar.

I'm not arguing against his right to say whatever he wants, and I'm not saying that he's trying to incite anything, my argument is more fundamental: he's a knob.

I realize that WKZO's ratings mean something, but get real.  Have you sold your soul?

Tony Xxxxxxx

PS: Where's Dave Jaconette?  I miss him.

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Marguerite said...

Glen Beck is totally depressing. I can't listen to him without getting either depresssed or furious, sometimes both. And I'm pretty conservation.

Dave Jaconette was so pleasant to listen to in the afternoons. I also miss him. When Dave first got canned I wrote Jay a nice email expressing my displeasure and got a short, abrupt reply which translated into "I don't care what you think."