Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Smoke-free dining in Kalamazoo

Here is a list of restaurants in Kalamazoo that prohibit smoking for patrons (copied below).  This is an excellent resource for those of us who do not like to dine in an atmosphere polluted with cigarette smoke.  On quick perusal I notice that this list is incomplete;  in addition to the ones below, O'Duffy's on Vine Street has always been smoke-free.  [As an aside, I have always been opposed to laws limiting business owners rights to operate establishments that allow smoking-- or any other activity between adults for that matter.]

Angelo's Italian Eatery5401 Portage Road , Portage
Asiago's Bakery & Deli6997 W Q Avenue , Texas Corners
B'Wiched Deli5051 W. Main St, Kalamazoo
Barnes & Noble Café6134 South Westnedge Avenue , Portage
Beaner's Coffee5913 Gull Road , Comstock Twp
Bella Creamery10098 Shaver Road , Portage
Big Apple Bagels3205 S Westnedge Ave, Portage
Big Apple Bagels3838 W Centre Street , Portage
Big Apple Bagels4408 W Main Street , Kalamazoo
Big Joe's Pizza & Deli1524 Gull Road , Kalamazoo
Bravo!5402 Portage Road , Portage
Burger King5798 Gull Road , Comstock Twp
Charlie Foster'sWater Street, Kalamazoo
Cheesesteak Grill, Inc.233 W Centre Avenue , Portage
Cold Stone Creamery4540 W Main Street , Kalamazoo
Colonial Kitchen330 N Drake, Kalamazoo
Cool Beans6541 Stadium Drive , Oshtemo
Cornerview Café643 N Riverview Drive , Parchment
Cosmo's Cucina and O'Duffy's Pub804 W Vine Street , Kalamazoo
Cottage Inn Pizza5038 W KL Ave , Kalamazoo
Crow's Nest816 South Westnedge Avenue , Kalamazoo
Culver's of Portage7262 S Westnedge Avenue , Portage
Dogs With Style410 S Burdick Street , Kalamazoo
Domino's Pizza2001 W Main Street , Kalamazoo
Domino's Pizza1788 W Milham , Portage
Duda's Deli & Pizzeria113 W. Michigan Avenue , Kalamazoo
Ecumenical Center702 N Burdick Street , Kalamazoo
Erbelli's Pizza & Italian Cusine8342 Portage Road , Portage
Erbelli's Pizza & Italian Cusine6214 Stadium Drive, Kalamazoo
Evergreen Grille -Yarrow Inc.10449 N 48th Street , Hickory Corners
Franco's Substation-Pizzeria8016 South Westnedge , Portage
Full City Café7878 Oakland Drive , Portage
Full City Café2026 Parkview Drive , Kalamazoo
G & L Restaurant2628 W. Michigan Ave, Kalamazoo
Good to Go Cafe120 E Prairie St. Vicksburg
Hope Woods Dining5749 Stadium Drive , Oshtemo
Hunan Gardens5059 W. Main, Kalamazoo
Icehouse Bar & Grille3600 Vanrick Drive , Kalamazoo
Kellogg Biological Station3700 E Gull Lake Drive , Hickory Corners
Little Caesar's Pizza3814 West Centre Street , Portage
Little Caesar's Pizza911 East Cork Lane , Kalamazoo
Little Caesar's Pizza5460 East Gull Road , Comstock Twp
Little Caesar's Pizza3500 East Main Street , Kalamazoo
Little Caesar's Pizza4250 West Main Street , Kalamazoo
Little Caesar's Pizza507 North Park Street , Kalamazoo
Little Caesar's Pizza930 Portage Street , Kalamazoo
Little Caesar's Pizza13218 North US 131 , Schoolcraft
Little Caesar's Pizza6011 South Westnedge Avenue , Portage
Lunchtime Café5067 Gull Road , Comstock Twp
Mancino's Pizza & Grindres10100 Shaver Road , Portage
Nina's Café1710 W Main Street , Kalamazoo
Nisker's6384 South Westnedge Avenue , Portage
Oakwood Bistro3003 Oakland Drive , Kalamazoo
Old Burdick's, Radisson Plaza Hotel100 W. Michigan Ave, Kalamazoo
Old Burdick's West2747 S 11th St., Osthemo
Olga's Kitchen6650 South Westnedge Avenue, Portage
Panda Express2706 W. Michigan Ave, Kalamazoo
Panera Bread5119 W Main Street , Kalamazoo
Panera Bread5970 S Westnedge Ave , Portage
Pasta Pasta762 W Main Street , Kalamazoo
Piper's45 W Michigan Ave , Galesburg
Pizza Hut2042 W Centre Ave , Portage
Pizza Hut5462 Gull Road , Comstock Twp
Pizza Hut6050 Gull Road , Comstock Twp
Pizza Hut1908 W Main Street , Kalamazoo
Pizza Hut6840 W Main Street , Kalamazoo
Pizza Hut6300 S Westnedge Ave , Portage
Pizza Hut4438 S Westnedge Ave , Kalamazoo
Pizza Maters2937 Howard, Kalamazoo
Plumcrazzy Ice Cream Parlor3710 S Westnedge Ave., Kalamazoo
Portage Senior Center320 Library Lane , Portage
Pretty Lake Vacation Camp9123 West Q Avenue , Texas Twp
Qdoba Mexican Grill5901 Gull Road , Comstock Twp
Qdoba Mexican Grill4403 West Main Street , Kalamazoo
Qdoba Mexican Grill6800 South Westnedge Avenue , Portage
Rasa Ria1908 W Main Street , Kalamazoo
Red Robin5710 S Westnedge Ave , Portage
Richland Sajos Pizza9800 M-89 , Richland
Rykse's Restaurant5924 W Stadium Drive , Oshtemo
Saffron Indian Cuisine1710 W Main, Suite D street, Kalamazoo
Samuel Mancino's Italian Eatery5363 S Westnedge Ave, Portage
Schnauzer's Banquet Hall4261 West U Avenue, Schoolcraft
Scooters Malt Shoppe & Travelling Treats8399 S 36th Street, Climax
Shawarma King2925 S Westnedge Ave, Kalamazoo
Sol World Cafe, Radisson Plaza Hotel100 W. Michigan Ave, Kalamazoo
Spicy Pickle5363 W Main St, Kalamazoo
Spicy Pickle3782 W Centre, Portage
Sports Forum803 W Mosel, Kalamazoo
Squakers1106 Mills St., Kalamazoo
Stadium Big Boy4700 Stadium Drive , Kalamazoo
Steak 'n Shake5371 West Main St, Kalamazoo
Steak 'n Shake5342 South Westnedge Ave, Portage
Subway1256 East Centre Street , Portage
Subway123 East Michigan Avenue , Kalamazoo
Subway1903 W Michigan Ave , Kalamazoo
Subway Walmart8250 Shaver Road , Portage
SummerThyme Café3928 Portage Street , Kalamazoo
Sweetwater's Donut Mill2138 Sprinkle Road , Kalamazoo
Sweetwater's Donut Mill3333 Stadium Drive , Kalamazoo
Taco Bob's6890 Stadium, Kalamazoo
Taco Bob's248 South St., Kalamazoo
Texas Hunan Gardens5157 West Q Avenue , Texas Corners
The Birches Banquet Center3082 South 9th Street , Oshtemo
The Copy Cup312 W Michigan , Kalamazoo
The Fieldstone Grill3970 W Centre Ave , Portage
The Pita Pit2913 S Howard Street , Kalamazoo
The Soup Kettle150 S Kalamazoo Mall , Kalamazoo
Treat Street3023 Oakland Drive , Kalamazoo
Uncle Ernie's4005 Portage Street , Kalamazoo
Uncle Mike's Pizza5000 Sprinkle, Portage
The Village Coffee Bar7000 Stadium Drive, Kalamazoo
Wally's Subs6477 W Stadium Drive , Oshtemo
Washington Square Senior Co-op710 Collins Street , Kalamazoo
Websters, Radisson Plaza Hotel100 W. Michigan Ave, Kalamazoo
Wedel's Garden Center/Garden Party Café5020 Texas Drive , Texas Twp
Wings Etc7337 E Westnedge Ave, Portage
Zazios, Radisson Plaza Hotel100 W. Michigan Ave, Kalamazoo

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