Thursday, August 13, 2009

Katy Abram, a female Joe the Plumber

"I don't really know anything... but I'm angry!!!! I don't know how much tax I pay. I don't know about war, but it's okay because we're so used to it. The people should just take care of the people who are without [insurance], maybe I'm too naive." Naive? Ya think? And don't tell me that MSNBC is picking on her; she was on Fox the night before and Hannity gushed about what a "great American" she was.

This whole bullshit meme about Obama "planning" to morph health care reform into a single-payer system is based on his speech to the AFL-CIO in 2002. But he has also said that he recognizes that the American people do not want a single-payer system and nothing he has proposed has been single-payer. Also, President Obama has not even written a health care bill; there are several bills out there, but all from Congress. Congress is Democratic because the American people kicked the Republicans out due to their ineptitude.

Maybe next election Sarah Palin can run for President with Joe the Plumber as her running mate and Katy Abram can be Secretary of Health and Human Services.

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Eric said...

Somebody said the other night "of course republicans think Government in incompetent. When Republicans run anything of course it's run incompetently!."