Friday, August 28, 2009

Links to Drink By: Health care edition

Exhaustive side-by-side comparison of all available health care proposals. This shows that the discussion has been on-going and the current bills are alloys of ideas that have been developed over decades and not things that have been "rushed through."

The New York Time supplement on health care reform topics.

Charles Krauthammer has a health care proposal? Well, not really.

Several links to pertinent articles regarding health care reform.

The Ted Kennedy Plan: Simple, elegant, straightforward. No need for new bureacracies, just use the ones we have.

Dick Armey supports the public option. Shows the cognitive dissonance and politicization of the debate.

Tort reform is important-- but not a national scale. Let the states handle it, as the AMA proposes.

Private insurance companies investigated for fraud.

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