Tuesday, August 04, 2009

"Yeah but, you can't pay for it"

... quote from Republican Senator Judd Gregg on CNBC this morning, regarding health care reform.


What the fuck does he think happens when someone without insurance gets sick???? Here's what happens:


1) the person pays full price for emergency care for an often preventable illness, i.e., VERY expensive. This may not be a tax per se, but this individual will be destroyed financially and may very well be a non-taxpayer in the future... so the tax base suffers.


2) the person does not pay and the hopsital and doctor pass the expense onto everyone else who do have insurance... again, this is full price, very expensive, often preventable care. Again, taxpayers suffer.

And why does nobody correct Senator Gregg on this?

And this is not to mention the immense economic benefit of having a healthy, vaccinated, informed workforce (i.e., intangibles) that you would get with regular contact with health care professionals.


Also, of the 46 million people without insurance, at least 10 million CAN afford to pay insurance premiums, but they are too stupid, or lazy, or greedy, or selfish to pay them. And, hospitals and doctors are required to treat these morons regardless.

The poorer folks would be much better served with subsidized care... and the taxpayers would benefit having them get insurance as well!!

Sen Hutchinson is correct, Medicaid is not a viable solution for this situation because the reimbursement is too low...

but, I would argue, Medicare can be used to provide universal care. And the database is large enough that costs could more easily be monitored and controlled.

Or, if the Republicans want a consortium of private insurance company plans, fine, write up the bill and present it. The problem is that they had ten years of Congressional control and they did nothing except watch health care costs skyrocket. So now they can just STFU.

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