Sunday, September 13, 2009

Memo to Jay Cutler

Don't throw interceptions. I know this sounds trite and self-explanatory, but you really need to understand this. If the Bears are going to win, it is the defense that will win the game. Rex Grossman never understood this fact and he lost the Super Bowl and is relegated to obscurity, his just sentence.

The offensive line is old and your receivers are too young (Knox), too inexperienced (Olsen), too short (Hester), or just plain suck (Des Clark). Deal with it and don't try to make something happen. Only bad things happen in that scenario. Hand off to Forte and if a pass play is called, throw it out of bounds and for godssakes, don't throw it it into coverage.

Three and out is fine; the defense will score the points, but when they are 10 or more points behind because you threw three interceptions, they can't win the fucking game. Don't be a goddam hero, Jay. Be a Bear: curl up and hibernate. Our division sucks, we can beat these rum-dums.

Where's Trent Dilfer when you need him?


Kris said...

What a game! If the defense is going to play like that - the Packers won't lose all season.

My condolences regarding Urlacher.


Tony said...

So, you are predicting the Pack 16-0? Better the check the expiration date on those cheese curds.

Eric said...

ha ha... You have Cutler now!!!