Wednesday, September 09, 2009

"Resoundingly" against the public option?

On CNBC this morning, Michael Leavitt, George W. Bush's HHS secretary and now proprietor of his own consulting firm, blatantly lies as the "journalists" at CNBC stare blankly into the monitor. At the 2:30 mark, Mr Leavitt says the we do not need a governemnt option and "that is what the American people have resoundingly said." Oh, really?

Poll after poll has shown that a majority of the American people prefer to have an option available from the federal government. The CBSNews poll from July says 72% want a public option. An NBC/Wall Street Journal poll (page 21 of this pdf) says that 76% of the American people rate a public option as "very important" or "quite important."

A few screamers in the town halls and-- voila!-- the reality is forgotten.

Despite three-quarters of the American people in favor of a public option, ass-hats can go on a major network and spout the opposite of this reality, completely unchallenged. Cute little Becky blinks into the camera and dry drunk Larry revs up for another anti-government harangue. So much for the fourth estate... our democracy is not in good hands, my friends.

Furthermore, no mention is made of any conflits of interest Mr. Leavitt's "consulting firm", which according to it's website has several "strategic partners" within the health care field, might have. One corporate beast (GE/CNBC-- liberal media? Ha!) washing the balls of other corporate beasts.

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