Monday, September 21, 2009

The Most Dangerous Man Ever

I have to admit that as a biologist (of sorts), there is something romantic about having one of the founders of your field hailed as an outlaw. Can geography or physics or calculus make such a boast? We're like the bad-asses of academia.

Now the British makers of a feature length Charles Darwin bio-pic (seen at left) are having difficulty finding someone to distribute the film here in the US because of the "controversy." Please. Listen, I know we have our share of dunderheads here, but come on folks... it's a movie.

My guess is that this is more a synthetic concern by movie distribution companies than any kind of real threat. More likely, it is some type of publicity stunt to get everyone lathered over a perceived slight. Maybe I'm being naive, but I cannot help but think that even the dumbest shit redneck would not really give a damn about a Darwin movie, and even if they did... who cares? Hollywood distributors would relish such a hub-bub.

While they fret over what is taught in schools, for the most part creationists seem to understand the difference between public education and entertainment. I think the Hollywood mogul types are just having fun with this in the hope of stirring up some controversy and thus publicity.

Or... it's not really that good a film (although it has won some awards.)

Besides, you want someone with real street cred? Man, that Enrico Fermi... now he was a real b-a-a--a-ad mo-fo.

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