Friday, February 10, 2012

Bill O tries to side with liberals, but is wrong again!

O’Reilly is incorrect to compare this issue to McCarthyism. Joe McCarthy was a US Senator who was using the apparatus of the federal govt to spy on and libel private citizens. That is unConstitutional, and since O'Reilly has a degree from Harvard's Kennedy School of Govt, I think he knows that.
If a bunch of wingnut women want to boycott JCPenney and carry on their bigoted rant, it’s their 1st Amendment right to do so. It’s game on, and I bet JCPenney gets even more customers now because of this idiotic boycott.
I get the feeling the Billo is trying to save the “million moms” from their own stupidity. When you need Bill O’Reilly to be the voice of reason, you’re way out there.

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