Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Will someone please fire Bud Selig already?

First he ignored steroids in baseball while statistics are demolished by anabolic behemoths, then he endured Congress nosing around the issue inflicting us with their faux outrage, finally he gets a "policy" about performance-enhancing drugs... which is most recently summarily screwed up in it's management and enforcement.

Please put Bud Selig out of his misery.

Why was Ryan Braun's positive pee test result leaked (bad pun, I know) to the public last fall? Why were we told that he had herpes? Who mis-handled Braun's urine sample? What possessed Selig to agree to an outside arbitration panel if the case was so clear? Why is nobody asking these questions of Major League Baseball?

Baseball is not under any compulsion to protect Constitutional rights, the players belong at the discretion of the League and agree to abide by the rules of the League, but on the other hand the players don't need to be harassed either. Braun either used steroids or he didn't: if he did, he should be suspended, if didn't then he should never have been impugned.

Major League Baseball, the solely American sport, has needed a commissioner for quite a while.

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