Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Curt Schilling to stiff taxpayers

Hall of Fame pitcher, small-government conservative mouthpiece, shill for Republican candidates, he of the bloody sock, none other than Curt Schilling asked Rhode Island taxpayers back a loan for $75 million...and you guessed it... He's defaulting.

 "Apparently smaller government, in Schilling's world, applies to other people, maybe city kids stuck in underperforming schools or disabled adults looking for help back and forth to medical appointments."

Welfare for the rich. Again.

I don't know who are more annoying, wealthy arrogant pricks who extol the virtues of independence and bootstraps only to hypocritically leave the rest of us with their mess, or the impoverished libertarians who willingly vote away all the entitlements to which they are entitled (because they paid for them) only to give tax money to wealthy arrogant pricks.

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