Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The world’s dumbest bank has the world’s dumbest bank customer.

America's bank. I'm so proud.

Question 1: If you successfully rob a bank of $1.5 million in small bills do you:

a) charter a boat to Paraguay or some other country with no US extradition treaty

b) hide it under your house and spend it slowly over the rest of your life

c) blow it all within hours at the nearest casino


Question 2: If you are in charge of computer security for one of the largest banks in the world, what would be the maximum daily withdrawal limit for a customer who has an average daily balance of $100?

a) $20

b) $50

c) $312,000

If you answered “c” to both questions, then you can ignore the rest of this story because you fully understand the rank ignorance of humanity and its institutions.

Apparently, a “glitch” at Bank of America allowed a retired auto worker to have unlimited ATM withdrawals over an 18 day period.  WTF?  It’s such a good thing we bailed out those bozos. They obviously are taking their fiduciary responsibilities very seriously.

It gets better. The moron takes this money and immediately plays it away-- all $1.5 million-- at Michigan casinos.  Immediately. 

My brain hurts.

Millionaire for a week, moron for the rest of his life.

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