Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Yo-o-o-ouk!!!!!! UPDATE 6-27

One of the President's many commendable traits is the loyal ownership of his fandom of Chicago sports teams.  Yes, some booed and others were cheering "Yo-o-ouk", but regardless, I'm sure the president doesn't care. The White Sox have a goddam World Series to win and f**k any bitter Red Sox fans who have a beef.

Of course, whiney pants Mittens does have a beef. He issued a press released titled: "Whether it's bad baseball cracks or bad policy, President Obama is striking out."

Get a life.

UPDATE 6-27-2012:

From the Atlantic:  "As some wags pointed out, Romney has been much slower to articulate a position on immigration than on the [Youkilis] trade."

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