Friday, August 24, 2012

McCain: "GOP is wasting its time..."

From AZ Family:

PHOENIX -- Arizona Sen. John McCain says his party is wasting its time at this year's national convention by calling for constitutional bans on gay marriage and abortion...

...McCain also questions part of the Republicans' tough stance on illegal immigration, specifically a section that would deny federal funding to universities that admit illegal immigrants. 

"I think that's a state issue that the states should decide whether they want to do that or not," McCain said. “My position is that, as a federalist, that's a state issue." ...

...On Thursday, McCain called Akin [the Republican nutjob who said that "legitimate rape" does not lead to pregnancy] an "idiot." He then added that the Republicans need to do a better job of recruiting women into the party. 


My Comment: It must be fatiguing being a remotely sane Republican, having to deal with the constant drone of inane social stances year after year, and it just gets worse every election cycle. This election should be about the economy, and Obama's immense vulnerability as employment lags and deficits mount. If the Republican party just shut the f**k up about abortion and gays for 6 lousy months they might actually win this thing. It should really be a drop kick.

If the GOP had honed to their core principles of truly advancing personal liberties (for abortion and gay rights), and getting government off our backs, they might actually have more loyal voters. Women are always going to have abortions, think of a way to reduce the number, like providing comprehensive health care such as Massachusetts did. Gays are always going to have sex--icky!--, get over it and let them be happy with decent rights.

Instead we have to endure the embarrassing flip-flops by Mitt Romney as he sells his soul for a government job. The guy has more money than God, isn't there a beach on which he could lather Ann with sun tan oil in peace? I hear the Caymans are pretty nice. Here's a video by a fellow Republican:

Embarrassing. It's not like Mitt's running due to some overweening devotion to fundamental principles. He has none. Romney ran away from his hallmark achievement as governor-- Romneycare-- instead of embracing it and promoting himself as the authority on health care reform, just when the electorate could be convinced that we need an expert.

Inexplicably, the Republicans have made the same mistake twice-- they fielded a lethally flawed candidate just like they did in 2008 with Sarah Palin. Srsly. WTF?

I would have thought this campaign would have been a no-brainer, centered around the complex tax code, unemployment and the deficit...all issues that might have traction with moderates...but no, the Republicans go back to massaging their time-worn peccadilloes and fetishes, and wasting their time.

Snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.

Yet again.

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