Saturday, August 04, 2012


Quote of the Day:

"Look, when people want to get married, we ought to let them get married.  We have enough people that won't go and get married. I want to make every opportunity I can for any couple that wants to, to go get married."

~ Gov. Phil Bryant (R-MS)

Can it be? A conservative southern governor is advocating for gay marriage rights?

Nope. Gov Bryant is stuck still fighting the last war: racism. A Baptist congregation would not allow a black couple to be married in their building and forced them down the street to another church. To his credit Gov Bryant seems to have caught up to the 1970's mindset, but when asked about gay marriage, he said:

"I wouldn't say gay couples, no," Bryant said. "I'd say a man and a woman. Let me make sure, let's get that right. When I say couples, I automatically assume it's a man and a woman."


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