Thursday, August 23, 2012

Ryan likes to spend money

...but doesn't like to raise revenues. Arithmetic tells me this equals deficits.

Back in 2002, Paul Ryan tried to convince us all that Keynesian stimulus was the only way to save a flagging economy...and that was the THIRD stimulus bill for the late stages of a relatively mild recession. Here is Ryan's impassioned plea for deficit spending when the GOP controlled the White House:

In 2002, Ryan makes the standard case for stimulus to extend unemployment benefits, put people back to work, provide funds to spur demand, and in general, he makes an argument that would do John Maynard Keynes proud. Ryan also correctly points out that unemployment is a lagging phenomenon and that patience is necessary before judgement. 

Now, of course, he's flip-flopped, calling it all "a failed experiment." Granted, the tax cuts and de-regulation certainly failed, but did the stimulus in 2002?

Mediaite notes that, in addition, Ryan voted in 2009 for the Republican version of stimulus that was tabbed at $715 billion. And I'll repeat, just to be complete, that Ryan also voted for every war funding bill, Medicare Part D, TARP and the auto bailouts. And he voted for the Bush tax cuts, and is in favor of cutting taxes for the rich even further by lopping off all capital gains taxes, which would effectively lower Romney's tax rate from 13% (half what I paid) to 0.82%... less than 1% !!!! No wonder Mitt picked him, he's the consummate water-carrier for the economic elite.

How the hell is he going to balance a budget like that? If you think it doesn't mean raising YOUR taxes, think again.

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