Thursday, April 09, 2009

Obama is wrong. Period.

Nobody covers this better than Glenn Greenwald.  Olbermann has been issuing scathing criticism of President Obama's reinforcement of the policy of the previous administration regarding civil liberties.  In fact this infringement is being extended by President Obama so that it now includes a prohibition of citizens' rights to pursue damages in court. 

The Olbermann videos in the above link need to be watched, especially the second one with Jonathan Turley, a respected Constitutional attorney.  Any honest person must recognize the travesty implicit in this governmantal abrogation of our rights as citizens.  

Suffice to say that I read Greenwald every single day and I cannot understand how any responsible citizen cannot garner valuable argument from him.  Although I may not always understand his theses or agree with his opinion, Greenwald is one of the most articulate voices from the left, and in this case he is spot on with his defense of civil liberties and his discomfort with the current administration policies.


antipundit said...

Glenzilla rocks - don't have anything else to add. And if I did, I would appear to be much the piker relative to the effusive prose that flows from Glenn. Let us hope that this is a temporary tour off the constitutional tracks for our present administration, and that commentary such as from Glenn and Olbermann and Turley will help to redirect them back.

Tony said...

It's unfortunate that we really have no "loyal opposition" and the only articulate criticism of power comes from members of their own camp.

The opposing camp is too busy stocking their bomb shelters and buying assault weapons to pay attention.

This was covered in an earlier post and I think the Republicans should give back their legislative salaries.

Eric said...

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Tony said...

Eric, yes I saw the bump and attribute it to your new star status on Cobra's website.

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