Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Why GM should be Euthanized

I guess this is what you get when government tries to bully industry into a "good" idea: a really really bad idea  Hummer is being retro-fitted into making segways.

Upsidetrader said it best: "Here's me in the new GM PUMA on my way to a business trip in Chicago. I will arrive on July 2, 2011, but boy do I feel good about myself. "

Why doesn't govt just tax gas and let the market place figure out the technology.  Who's going to buy this piece of crap?    A corporate attorney on his way to meet with a venture capitalist group?  A neurosurgeon rushing to make that 7:30 am craniotomy?  Bankrupt seniors have $5K for a golf cart to knock around the trailer park?

Get real.  Good-bye, GM.  It's just sad to see you go out with such a lack of dignity.

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