Friday, April 17, 2009

TEA Party makes no sense

Taxed Enough Already (TEA) Parties were staged all over the country with promises to repeat these protests again and again.  I admit that I hardly pay attention to the wingnuts now that they have been relegated to background noise as the adults try to fix the problems of the last eight years, but this phenomenon has penetrated my medulla oblongata.

What are they protesting?  Increased taxes?  The current budget bill calls for reduced overall federal taxation.   Reduced means less, BTW.   Are they complaining about the increased spending? Then why don't they call it Spending Enough Already (SEA) Party?  Just sayin'.

Is the TEA party based on the original Tea Party movement from the 1770's?   If so, then it is not consistnet with the same argument which was taxation without representation.  These nutjobs have representation, they just lost the election.  That's what a republican democracy is all about.

Obviously some other factors are at work with this well-organized movement, and I smell corporatism disguised as populism.  We have the puppetmasters (Armey and Gingrich) whipping up the ignoramuses again with some new faux outrage.  I guess abortion, prayer in schools and gun rights just can't get them elected anymore. 


Eric said...

Garofolo just called it like it is, on Olberman last night.

They hate to see a black man in the white house.

Eric said...

forgot to follow this comment